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Mitchell, Neil neil.mitchell.2 at credit-suisse.com
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I didn't understand Monads until I read this:
It took me quite a long time to "get" them too, but slowly over time it
will sink in.


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	On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 8:08 AM, John Lato <jwlato at gmail.com>

		I'd like to thank everyone who replied to my OP, and
also perhaps
		clarify one point.  I wasn't trying to be argumentative
or negative
		about any work people have done to make Haskell
approachable for OO
		programmers (or any other programmers, for that matter).
I simply
		wanted to know what others thought about one item that
was misleading
		to me in particular, and to see if others either agreed
with me or had
		similar experiences.
		That being said, I know that it's a great deal of work
to put together
		a useful tutorial, and I appreciate every one I read.
Especially the
		monad tutorials, of which it took a half dozen before I
got it.

	I've read a lot of the Monad tutorials, and I feel like I only
get "most of it" to be 100% honest.  The State Monad still boggles my
mind a little bit.  I understand what it's supposed to do and I get the
idea about how it works.  It's just that when I look at the
implementation of >>= for it, I want to crawl into a corner and nibble
my fingers.

	Ok, it's not that bad, but I'll admit I've gone cross-eyed a few
times trying to keep all that state in my head about what's REALLY going
on there.  Perhaps if it were pulled apart step by step I'd have a
better understanding.  

	I even tried to implement it once, and failed, however, I never
seem to fail to be able to *use* it if someone already implements it for
me :-).  Kind of like how I know how to operate a car, but I wouldn't
trust driving one that I built :-)


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