[Haskell-cafe] There is something wrong in derive-0.1.2 package.

Magicloud magicloud.magiclouds at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 04:02:06 EDT 2008

OK, I cannot rebuild ghc-6.8.3 on a ghc-6.8.3 existing enviornment, very 

Preprocessing library cgi-3001.1.6.0...
Generating Makefile cgi-3001.1.6.0...
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/shidaw/src/ghc-6.8.3/libraries/cgi'
== make way=p -f GNUmakefile all;
../../compiler/stage1/ghc-inplace -package-name cgi-3001.1.6.0 -hide-all-packages -split-objs -i -idist/build/autogen -idist/build -i. -Idist/build -odir dist/build -hidir dist/build -stubdir dist/build -package base- -package old-time- -package old-locale- -package containers- -package base- -package bytestring- -package network- -package parsec- -package mtl- -package xhtml-3000.2.0.0 -O -Wall -XMultiParamTypeClasses -idist/build  -prof -hisuf p_hi -hcsuf p_hc -osuf p_o -H16m -O -O -Rghc-timing -fgenerics -c Network/CGI/Protocol.hs -o dist/build/Network/CGI/Protocol.p_o  -ohi dist/build/Network/CGI/Protocol.p_hi

    Failed to load interface for `Network.URI':
      Perhaps you haven't installed the profiling libraries for package network-
      Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
<<ghc: 49284884 bytes, 6 GCs, 147456/147456 avg/max bytes residency (1 samples), 16M in use, 0.00 INIT (0.00 elapsed), 0.08 MUT (0.19 elapsed), 0.03 GC (0.03 elapsed) :ghc>>
make[3]: *** [dist/build/Network/CGI/Protocol.p_o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [all] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/shidaw/src/ghc-6.8.3/libraries/cgi'
make[1]: *** [make.library.cgi] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/shidaw/src/ghc-6.8.3/libraries'
make: *** [stage1] Error 2

Magicloud wrote:
> After rebuilt HTTP-3001.1.3, I reinstalled, no luck, same error.
> I am rebuilding GHC-6.8.3, to see....
> Duncan Coutts wrote:
>> On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 13:51 +0800, Magicloud wrote:
>>> Sigh again, something that always makes me think that cabal is 
>>> unusable....
>>> ~/.cabal/lib/HTTP-3001.1.3/ghc-6.8.3/libHSHTTP-3001.1.3.a(Browser.o)(.text+0x5aa6): 
>>> In function `rp46_info':
>>> : undefined reference to 
>>> `mtlzm1zi1zi0zi1_ControlziMonadziIdentity_zdf2_closure'
>> What is almost certainly going on is that mtl has been rebuilt but the
>> other packages that depend on it (like http) have not.
>> I wonder if we could detect this better in ghc-6.10.2. There are ABI
>> hashes available, so if we could record them in the package registration
>> info then we should be able to detect when a dependent package has
>> changed ABI. The longer term solution is to use a nix-style persistent
>> package store.
>> The short term solution in this case is probably to rebuild the HTTP
>> package.
>> Duncan

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