[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Salsa: A .NET Bridge for Haskell

Andrew Appleyard andrew.appleyard at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 04:51:38 EDT 2008

Jason Dagit wrote:
> Thank you for releasing this!

No worries.  I might never have got around to releasing it if it wasn't
for the encouragement of Manuel Chakravarty, Don Stewart, and others.
Thanks guys!

> [...] as I understand it the Haskell you write still lives in 
> Haskell-land and the .NET code you interface with lives in .NET land.

Yep, that's correct.  Compiling Haskell to .NET IL is a significantly
more adventurous project!  I wouldn't have managed to acheive a
practical result in the time I had for my thesis if I had taken that route.

Salsa's approach to type system mapping could be useful in such a
project though.


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