[Haskell-cafe] External Sort and unsafeInterleaveIO

Thomas Hartman tphyahoo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 10:52:08 EDT 2008

I kinda-sorta half-cabalized it at

darcs get http://darcsdump.dreamhosters.com/external-sort (untested
via cabal install but mostly done)

As soon as my project gets approved I'll put it up on hackage.

If Ben wants it under his account at hackage of course I'll defer to him.


2007/7/18 Donald Bruce Stewart <dons at cse.unsw.edu.au>:
> midfield:
>> hi --
>> thanks for the useful comments!  i will definitely go through them
>> carefully.  unfortunately for this code (but fortunately for me) i
>> defend my dissertation on monday so i'm a little distracted right
>> now.....
>> i'm more than happy to donate this code or whatever improvements
>> happen to it.  actually, hGetContentsWithCursor seems like a candidate
>> for inclusion with Data.ByteStrings or Data.Binary or something -- it
>> seems like it might find other uses.  (i think you liked that bit of
>> code because i ripped it off of you guys!  it's very short hamming
> Can't fault that style ;)
>> distance from the original.)  anyhow, all that will have to wait a
>> couple weeks or so.  also i've never cabalized anything so i may come
>> begging for help.
> We have a tutorial for that, luckily:
>    http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/How_to_write_a_Haskell_program
> And a tool to automate it, mkcabal, so should be fairly straightforward.
>> at some point i thought i saw how to do recursive external sort, to
>> keep memory usage truly constant, but with my current lack of sleep i
>> have lost that illusion.  i'm also curious about the performance
>> characteristics of this vs Prelude sort vs the version using the
>> tournament mergesort apfelmus suggested.  i need to find a computer
>> with a lot more RAM than my weakling laptop.  finally, it would be
>> good to be able to have the blocksize controlled by Kb of RAM rather
>> than # of elements, not sure how to get that information.
>> ultimately this was part of my project to write lucene for haskell.  i
>> think with this out of the way, plus all the Data.Binary / ByteString
>> goodness, it shouldn't take too long.  keep writing good libraries for
>> me!
> Great. Good to see things working.
> -- Don
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