[Haskell-cafe] Web application from the ground up

Thomas Hartman tphyahoo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 06:44:34 EDT 2008

There's also newer material at

http://happstutorial.com:5002 that's in darcs but hasn't been packaged
for hackage.

2008/10/9 Thomas Hartman <tphyahoo at gmail.com>:
> Have you seen happstutorial.com?
> thomas.
> 2008/10/9 Arnaud Bailly <abailly at oqube.com>:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to implement a complete web application from the ground
>> up, with the objective to convince myself and others that 1) it is
>> possible, 2) it is powerful and 3) it is more expressive to do such a
>> thing in Haskell.
>> I managed to get to the point where I can handle users lifecycle
>> with DB handling, and I have a CLI application. I have a World that
>> stores Session objects, containing a "continuation" of possible
>> functions to call.
>> The problem I am facing now is how to handle (Fast)CGI requests, given
>> that each request seems to be served by a dinstinct invocation of a
>> function, and share the World between all connections. I have a vague
>> idea that this could be handled by creating some CGIT transformed
>> monad operating on a TVar World (that's what is hinted at on haskell
>> wiki), but I am not sure how to tackle this.
>> I asked this question on #haskell but had to leave too quickly. Some
>> people there seems to think this is something very common that has
>> been resolved over a hundred times. Once would be enough for me, and I
>> would be very happy if someone could point me to the right direction
>> or provide some sample code for this.
>> Best regards,
>> --
>> Arnaud Bailly, PhD
>> OQube - Software Engineering
>> http://www.oqube.com
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