[Haskell-cafe] I'll do USB in Haskell - tips?

Mauricio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 6 19:55:18 EDT 2008


I'll need to use a lot of USB at work and, after
looking around, it seems there's no general USB
code done. 'libusb' and 'openusb' do not seem
ready enough so that wrapping them would be easier
than writing from scratch. (If you think I am
wrong until here and have time to write me your
opinion, I'll value it a lot.)

So: I would like to (try to) write a good
implementation of USB access in Haskell.  I would
like it to be really general, so that we could use
all of USB without need to resort to something
else; available to all possible environments and
operating systems; allow easy testing of USB
clients, maybe using "fake" USB devices that could
simulate problems; do that using Haskell code to
directly access operating system API.

I've read the appropriate chapters of USB 2.0
standard reference. I'll greatly appreciate any
information you can give me: sugestions on what
would be "the Haskell way" of doing USB; good
technical information on how USB is implemented in
different OSes; warnings on problems I may have;
wishes of good luck :)

I hope in one year I'll be able to post a message
here saying Haskell is the greatest language to
interface with USB devices.


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