[Haskell-cafe] mysql (hsql-mysql-1.7) on Linux with GHC 8.3 - cabal issues

Anton Tayanovskyy anton.tayanovskyy at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 06:58:41 EDT 2008


Thank you for your reply. I benchmarked HDBC.ODBC with MySQL and it is
indeed working well. So whatever slow results I used to get were due
to that particular setup. It looks that HDBC will suit my needs as



> What's more, HDBC has a stronger and more versatile API than HSQL,
> which permits even more speed improvements.  Features such as
> precompiled queries can be huge for many apps, as can referencing
> result columns as an ordered list instead of an association list or
> map.
> Personally, I spent the time to write the Sqlite3, ODBC, and
> PostgreSQL bindings for HDBC owing to existing needs.  I have no need
> for a MySQL binding because I avoid MySQL wherever possible, and where
> not possible, use ODBC.
> That said, the API is designed to make development of database
> backends easy.  FFI also is quite nice.  It should not be a
> significant task for an interested party to write a MySQL backend.  I
> think it has not happened yet because the ODBC backend is fully
> functional for MySQL.
> -- John

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