[Haskell-cafe] Source of 16x16 Sudokus?

David Stigant dstigant at comcast.net
Thu Oct 2 23:11:09 EDT 2008

Simon Tatham has a sudoku program which generates Sudoku's of any size in 
varying difficulties:


It's down at the bottom and is called Solo.

I can't speak to the actual quality/difficulty of the puzzles, but every 
feature you asked for is there plus unlimited puzzles.

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> Folks:
> For research on the behavior of parallel Haskell, does anyone know of a 
> source for graded (easy through evil) 16x16 Sudoku puzzles? Our hardware 
> runs too fast for us to get meaningful timings on 9x9's. I suppose we 
> could insert time wasters, but I think that would also distort the results 
> . . . .
> Thanks in advance,
> Murray Gross
> Brooklyn College
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