[Haskell-cafe] getRandom in HAppS-State (Was: ANNOUNCE: gitit 0.2 release)

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Sun Nov 30 15:36:31 EST 2008

[Re-sending to the list, sorry for the doubled mail, John]

Hi John,

Am Samstag, den 08.11.2008, 12:32 -0800 schrieb John MacFarlane:
> I've uploaded an early version of gitit, a Haskell wiki program, to
> HackageDB. Gitit uses HAppS as a webserver, git for file storage,
> pandoc for rendering the (markdown) pages, and highlighting-kate for
> highlighted source code.

looking through your code, I see this:

newSession :: (MonadState AppState (Ev (t GHC.Conc.STM)), MonadTrans t, 
			Monad (t GHC.Conc.STM)) =>
              SessionData -> Ev (t GHC.Conc.STM) SessionKey
newSession u = do
  key <- getRandom
  setSession key u
  return key

for a project of mine, I had so solve a similar problem, and first I
used this way, but I’m wondering: The event is serialized without the
random seed (I think), so when your app crashes and the event log is
re-done, you might get a different key? Or does is getRandom function
somehow deterministical?

My solution was to pass a RNG into my function:
> addNewIssue :: MonadState State m => StdGen -> m Issue
and then use
> gen <- liftIO $ newStdGen
> i <- update $ AddNewIssue gen

But maybe I’m worring too much... what do you think?


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