[Haskell-cafe] Re: Go Haskell! -> array libraries

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Nov 29 14:14:59 EST 2008

> >>
> >>My view would be to let the free market of developers decide what is
> >>best. No bottlenecks -- there's too many Haskell libraries already (~1000 
> >>now).
> >>
> >>And this approach has yielded more code than ever before, more libraries
> >>than ever before, and library authors are competing.
> >>
> >>So let the market decide. We're a bazaar, not a cathedral.
> >>    
> I find this kind of attitude disturbing.
> Are you seriously asserting that it's "bad" for people to stop and think 
> about their designs before building? That it's "bad" for people to get 
> together and coordinate their efforts? Would you really prefer each and 
> every developer to reinvent the wheel until we have 50,000 equivilent 

Strawman, Andrew, and rather silly too.

I'm aggressively in favour of reuse. That's why I advocate everyone use
and contribute to Hackage, so that they can reuse other's work, and they
can collaborate on existing code.

The current approach of /people who do things/ is working very well.
They're designing and implementing new ideas in the language, leading to
interesting collaborations, and new designs, and more code, that does
more things, than ever before.

And I'm in favour of that.

I never thought I'd say the day when people complained about there being
too many libraries for Haskell. Mwhahaha!

-- Don

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