[Haskell-cafe] HaskellWiki image upload fails because of - probably - the filesize.

And1 and1 at meinungsverstaerker.de
Thu Nov 27 08:11:52 EST 2008

Hey dear Haskell-Cafe-Readers,

I tried several times to upload several images - screenshots that is - to
my HaskellWiki/Xmonad site:


I always get the error, that the connection to the site/server was

I mailed both administrators of the HaskellWiki but I got, for about 2-4
weeks now, no reply.

I tried to upload the following images, maybe that's important:


I was told, that the problem is maybe the filesize of the new images,
because it is bigger, then the filesize of the image already uploaded.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully finding the problem,

Regards, Andi R.

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