[Haskell-cafe] haddock question

allan a.d.clark at ed.ac.uk
Thu Nov 27 06:52:04 EST 2008

Dear all

I'm trying to locally build the documentation for the haskell-src-exts package and running into a bit of bother.
If I run: cabal haddock
I get the error:
haddock: parse error in doc string

so: cabal haddock -v
Doesn't really provide any extra information, it gives me the exact haddock command-line used but there is still no way (I can see) of obtaining the source file containing the parse error.

So I downloaded via darcs the latest haddock source code and installed that but I get the exact same error message.
I tried grepping in the haddock source code for that particular error message (and portions of it) but I couldn't find it.

Finally I tried running haddock on a single source file:
haddock Language/Haskell/Exts.hs 
and even this gets the exact same error message, which is somewhat bizarre since that file does not contain any documentation strings.

Anyone have any ideas?


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