[Haskell-cafe] Compilers

Bernie Pope bjpop at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Nov 26 19:49:07 EST 2008

On 27/11/2008, at 8:35 AM, Andrew Coppin wrote:

> Jake McArthur wrote:
>> Andrew Coppin wrote:
>>> Don Stewart wrote:
>>>> Noteworthy,
>>>>               * lhc-20081121: “Lhc Haskell Compiler”
>>> Interesting. I can't find out any information about this...
>> It is a fork of the JHC compiler, which should be easier to look  
>> up. There is also Hugs, as you mentioned. In addition, you may want  
>> to look at YHC and NHC.
> Yeah, the "implementations" page on the Wiki basically says that  
> there's GHC and Hugs, and there's also these things called YHC, NHC  
> and JHC. All the documentation I've read makes these latter  
> compilers sound highly experimental and unusable. (I don't recall  
> specifically which of them, but I remember hearing it can't even  
> compile the Prelude yet.) They seem like small projects which are  
> probably interesting to hack with, but not much use if you're trying  
> to produce production-grade compiled code to give to a customer...
> OTOH, I haven't ever attempted to *use* any of these compilers. I  
> only read about them...

Don't forget hbc.

There's plenty of information about all the compilers in the history  
of haskell paper, including a timeline:



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