[Haskell-cafe] Possible issue with Hoogle and Haddock?

Stephen Hicks sdh33 at cornell.edu
Thu Nov 20 14:25:25 EST 2008


I was noticing recently that there seems to be a problem with Hoogle
and Haddock.  In particular, I just hoogled "bracket" and got the
following result:
	bracket :: IO a -> a -> IO b -> a -> IO c -> IO c
Clearly this is the wrong type, as it should be
	bracket :: IO a -> (a -> IO b) -> (a -> IO c) -> IO c

The Haddock-generated documentation at least has newlines to group the
terms, but this is still far from correct.  I noticed the same thing a
while back in Parsec's documentation for token,
	token :: Stream s Identity t => t -> String -> t -> SourcePos -> t ->
Maybe a -> Parsec s u a
which again should have parens.

Is this a bug?  Is is something that's well-known?


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