[Haskell-cafe] Re: streaming translation using monads

Chung-chieh Shan ccshan at post.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 19 15:18:31 EST 2008

Warren Harris <warrensomebody at gmail.com> wrote in article <C50D2EF9-7DDC-4066-8434-A51ADA96440F at gmail.com> in gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe:
> However, the use of a  
> universal type for the values would still seem to be required since  
> there is no way to implement type-indexed values when the queries  
> themselves are expressed as an abstract datatype rather than as  
> functions. Am I overlooking something?

You might find inspiration in the fact that printf and scanf can be
expressed in ML/Haskell without any fancy type-system features.


Credits to: Olivier Danvy, Zhe Yang, Kenichi Asai, Oleg Kiselyov,
Morten Rhiger.

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