[Haskell-cafe] Re: Type question in instance of a class

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 13:38:06 EST 2008

 >> Why is this wrong? (...)

 > (...) One way to code this would be to use functional dependencies:
 > class MyClass r s | r -> s where function :: r -> s
 > data MyData u = MyData u
 > instance MyClass (MyData v) v where function (MyData a) = a

One additional  problem is that I  (believe I) need that  my class takes
just  one type,  since I'm  trying to  derive it  in a  new  type (using
generalized newtype deriving).

A  good  comparison would  be  a complex  number  over  any float  type.
I could define a few operations like:

makeComplex r i = ComplexNumber r i
realPart (ComplexNumber r _) = r

But then I would like to say:

newtype ComplexWithDouble = ComplexWithDouble (ComplexNumber Double)
   deriving ...

so that I could have:

a :: ComplexWithDouble
a = makeComplex 0.5 0.25

My first attempt was to try some kind of "type pattern match" :) like

class ComplexBaseClass (c r) where ...

but it seems that doesn't make sense.

Thanks for your tips,

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