[Haskell-cafe] ByteString/parsec

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Wed Nov 12 03:45:50 EST 2008

"Pieter Laeremans" <pieter at laeremans.org> writes:

> Are there any good examples of open source projects which parse
> ByteString data ?

Don't know about "good", but here are some working examples that may
or may not be useful to you.  Pointers are inside the darcs repo, you
can of course 'darcs get http://malde.org/~ketil/biohaskell/biolib' to
obtain the whole deal.

A simple parser for the even simpler FASTA format:


Parser  to decode the ACE format by tokenizing to Bytestring,
then using Parsec: 


The repo also contains parsers for other formats like FASTQ, and
binary formats like SFF.  Please email me with any questions or

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