[Haskell-cafe] Announce: FieldTrip library (functional 3D) and mailing list

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 10 13:27:09 EST 2008

Conal Elliott wrote:
> FieldTrip [1] is a library for functional 3D graphics.  It is intended 
> for building static, animated, and interactive 3D geometry, efficient 
> enough for real-time synthesis and display.  Since FieldTrip is 
> functional, one describes what models are, not how to render them 
> (being rather than doing).
> Surfaces are described as functions from 2D space to 3D space.  As 
> such, they are intrinsically curved rather than faceted.  Surface 
> rendering tessellates adaptively, caching tessellations in an 
> efficient, infinite data structure (from the MemoTrie library) for 
> reuse.  Surface normals are computed automatically and exactly, using 
> the derivative tools in the vector-space library.
> For animation or interaction, FieldTrip can be used with the Reactive 
> [2] library for functional reactive programming (and possibly other 
> animation frameworks).  By design, FieldTrip is completely orthogonal 
> to any formulation or implementation of FRP.  The reactive-fieldtrip 
> [3] library links Reactive and FieldTrip.
> FieldTrip now has a mailing list [4] and a feature/bug tracker [5].

Sounds very interesting, but... what, no pictures? From a library 
especially designed for generating pictures? :-)

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