[Haskell-cafe] Images and GUIs in Haskell

Ronald Guida oddron at gmail.com
Sat May 31 18:30:18 EDT 2008

Two questions:

1. In a Haskell program, if all I want to do is output an image, like
a graph or chart, what is the simplest library to use?

N.B. Simpler := easier to get minimal functionality. I really don't
want to wade through a bunch of boilerplate or climb a steep learning
curve just to be able to plot a few lines or circles.

2. Suppose I want interactivity.  For example, I want to plot a line
graph, and then let the user click and drag the data points.  From
what I understand about GUIs, I would need to track mouse buttons (up
and down), mouse movements, and possibly keystrokes.  (I know this is
the complete opposite extreme from my first question)

In this case, what would be the best (not necessarily simplest)
library to use?  What would you recommend?

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