[Haskell-cafe] developer docs with haddock: cabal or make?

Misha Aizatulin avatar at hot.ee
Mon May 26 13:38:06 EDT 2008

>>    for the project I am doing, I would like to be able to create two 
>> documentation sets:
>>    - the user documentation, done with normal Setup.hs --haddock and
>>    - the developer documentation, where all modules are exposed and 
>> haddock is run with --ignore-all-exports
> The latest version of Cabal has a new flag for the haddock command:
>  --internal          Run haddock for internal modules and include all
>                      symbols

   wow, it's cool, how things happen right when you need them! :) This 
new flag should make me happy indeed.

   I am still interested if there is any plan to facilitate adding 
custom Setup commands? The author might like to run something on the 
code that isn't handled by Cabal already. In a Makefile you just add a 
new target, but there is no easy way to do so in a Setup.hs yet.
   One particular example would be the install-docs command, that 
installs only the documentation. Because of it's absence, ghc currently 
doesn't install the library documentation, when you do "make install-docs".


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