[Haskell-cafe] developer docs with haddock: cabal or make?

Misha Aizatulin avatar at hot.ee
Mon May 26 09:26:30 EDT 2008


   for the project I am doing, I would like to be able to create two 
documentation sets:
   - the user documentation, done with normal Setup.hs --haddock and
   - the developer documentation, where all modules are exposed and 
haddock is run with --ignore-all-exports

   What is the right way to do this? I see two options, but both are 
somewhat clumsy:

1. Write a custom Setup.hs, using the Cabal library. Ideally, it would 
accept a new command, like "Setup.hs --haddock-devel". However Cabal 
doesn't seem to be designed for adding new commands or options to them - 
the interface is hardcoded. For instance, I can't add a command in such 
a way that it would be listed alongside others when calling
"Setup.hs --help".

2. Call haddock from a makefile. This is a one-liner with haddock 0.8, 
but not with haddock 2.0 and above. The problem is that haddock 2.0 only 
supports --read-interface and doesn't support --use-package any more. 
Thus I have to find all the haddock interfaces by hand, for instance by 
calling ghc-pkg for each library I depend on. This is of course 
straightforward, but I feel that it shouldn't be my job.

   Any comments or ideas?


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