[Haskell-cafe] status of dynamic loading

Niklas Broberg niklas.broberg at gmail.com
Tue May 20 19:38:55 EDT 2008

>  Use hs-plugins.  I'm not sure if this still works on modern ghc, or if
>  it works on my platform (darwin intel), but I managed to get this
>  compiled after "fixing" a use of STArray whose arity apparently
>  changed, but I probably broke it because now I get "Error in array
>  index" all the time.  I gather Austin Seipp has been doing some work
>  on this.  Is there a newer version that should work?  An easy fix for
>  the error?

Which version have you tried to use? plugins-1.2 available on hackage
works out of the box with ghc-6.8.2 on both linux and windows, we're
using it for happs-hsp. Haven't tried it on Mac though, but I doubt it
would contain any arity mismatches there, which leads me to believe
that you're using an older one.



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