[Haskell-cafe] Re: Performance: MD5

Aaron Denney wnoise at ofb.net
Sun May 18 15:43:09 EDT 2008

On 2008-05-18, Andrew Coppin <andrewcoppin at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> (did you look at the C implementation?)
> I can't read C. (FWIW, I think I did briefly stare at the sources, but 
> eventually gave up because I simply had no clue what's going on.)

It's worth learning.  It's still the only widely used abstract
portable assembler with fairly standard ABIs for each platform.

Go read K&R[1].  It shouldn't take more than a week's worth of spare time.

The C Programming Language (2nd Edition), Kernigan and Ritchie, Prentice Hall, 1998

Aaron Denney

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