[Haskell-cafe] Mapping Haskell Concepts To C# 3

Kaveh Shahbazian kaveh.shahbazian at gmail.com
Sun May 18 09:59:28 EDT 2008


(I did not received your message in my mail box and I have seen it on
mailing list. I dot know why this happened (?).)

    Maybe I am misguessing why you are asking your question, but wouldn't it
be better to ask how to map these Haskell concepts to CLR? If so, check out
work on Mondrian.

My intention is to employ Haskell techniques in C# where it fits. If I were
going to implement Haskell on CLR the way you mentioned was proper.

For something like: type Thing a b = ThisWay a | ThatWay b | NoWay actually
there is no equivalents for data constructor in C# 3 (I think). I asked it
if there are other ideas about this: Controlling the execution path by
deciding based of structure of data with a trick other than reflecting!

Thank you
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