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Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
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On 2008 May 17, at 14:52, D. Gregor wrote:

> Common Lisp is a multiparadigm, general purpose programming language  
> that supports imperative, functional, and object-oriented  
> programming paradigms.  Haskell is purely functional.  Is this a  
> reason why there is not macro feature in Haskell?  I feel the object- 
> oriented paradigm of CL and Scheme is the reason for the macro  
> feature in these two languages.  If it's not, then what does the  
> macro feature provide, and why isn't it in Haskell?

Macros in Lisp have less to do with functional vs. non-functional than  
with programs and data having precisely the same form (s-expressions).

There is a macro facility of the kind you're thinking of in Haskell  
(Template Haskell), but you have to work with abstract syntax tables  
which look nothing like the original code.

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