[Haskell-cafe] Re: another Newbie performance question

Achim Schneider barsoap at web.de
Sat May 17 14:35:22 EDT 2008

Philip Müller <mail at philip.in-aachen.net> wrote:

> I have read Don's blog post but am unsure how to implement his tips
> into my program, as I am still kind of a Haskell beginner.
Dan, you seem to have opened a big can of worms. If Haskell is
successful, it's your fault.

Without doing any compiling, staring at core nor profiling myself, I
advice that you

1) traverse the list less often. 
2) use ByteStrings
3) use an intermediate data structure that has better insert behaviour
than a standard list, have a look at Data.Sequence
4) really, really use ByteStrings
5) listen to me if I tell you to use ByteStrings
6) if you already must write in pointless style, please don't also
order the functions in a backward way.

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