[Haskell-cafe] Richer (than ascii) notation for haskell source?

Eric Stansifer stansife at caltech.edu
Thu May 15 12:25:18 EDT 2008

> As to your assertion of discrimination against Greek:  my point was that
> mathematical notation *already* discriminates against speakers of Greek by
> appropriating their alphabet for its own purposes, so if you want to enable
> a mathematical-notation language mode it's already difficult to support a
> Greek localization.  (I do wonder how modern Greek mathematicians deal with
> this....)

This made me curious... so hunting around on the internet I found:
which, although almost the same as mathematics in English (notice
'epsilon' being used in the same sense), uses 'nu' as a variable to
index over the integers, and 'lambda' as a upper/lower bound.

Also I found a list of abstracts (mixture of English and Greek):
which again looks almost the same as English mathematics (especially
when they write it in English), although it seems like 'lambda' is
being used as a variable with rather high frequency.


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