[Haskell-cafe] Re: Richer (than ascii) notation for haskell source?

Patrick Surry Patrick.Surry at portraitsoftware.com
Wed May 14 22:23:59 EDT 2008

Lots of folk have suggested writing code with Unicode symbols, but that
doesn't really get me where I'm thinking of.  Back in the day, I spent
many happy hours writing math(s) in amstex style, peppered with latex
backslash references/macros for greek symbols, set operators as well as
character attributes like underline, bold, goth, italic and so on.  With
the magic of (la)tex and dvips you get a rich intuitive representation
of your equations - where you can 'see' types by character attributes
(bold vectors, gothic sets or whatever) and have easily readable
operators, functions, etc.  Similarly to display alternative pattern
cases as a display equation?  

So maybe what I really want is to essentially write my source in (la)tex
and be able to both compile and render to dvi at the same time?  I
suppose word's crazy equation editor or mathml is another option but it
makes the source itself either less portable or less readable?

I think Knuth talks about literate programming as this ability to
intermingle 'beautified' human-readable representation along with code,
and it seems like Haskell is close to delivering that.  (Tho I think
"literate Haskell" is not the same thing.)

Perhaps a pipe dream tho.


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