[Haskell-cafe] Richer (than ascii) notation for haskell source?

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Wed May 14 14:50:22 EDT 2008

Reinier Lamers wrote:
> Op 14-mei-2008, om 20:32 heeft Andrew Coppin het volgende geschreven:
>> Personally, I'd just like to be able to get rid of "->", "\" and 
>> other such hacks. Would it be possible to amend GHC so that it 
>> accepts "->" and [whatever the Unicode codepoint for "left arrow" is] 
>> and treats both the same?
> I believe GHC already accepts "∀" instead of "forall", and some other 
> Unicode neatness. However, you can't use "λ" for "\" because "λ" is a 
> lowercase letter and thus valid in identifiers. So getting rid of "\" 
> might be impossible even with Unicode.

Ooo... well spotted on that subtly edge case with lambda... Damn, that's 
just too bad. Using a backslash makes it look like a character escape or 
something. It's really quite ugly...

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