[Haskell-cafe] ANN: unix- additional POSIX real time support

Galchin, Vasili vigalchin at gmail.com
Sat May 10 01:37:38 EDT 2008


      Additional POSIX realtime (POSIX 1003.1b) support has been added:

1) MQueue.hsc - POSIX message queues

     Supported FFI bindings for:

          - mq_open

          - mq_close

          - mq_unlink

          - mq_getattributes

          - mq_setattributes

          - mq_send

      Not yet supported bindings:

          - mq_rcv .. still debugging a mysterious problem

          - mq_notify - will support when asynchronous I/O is implemented

2) RTsched.hsc - real time scheduling

      Supported bindings for:

            - sched_yield

            - sched_get_param

            - sched_set_param

            - sched _get_scheduler

            - sched_set_scheduler

            - sched_get_priority_min

            - sched_get_priority_max

      Unsupported currently:

             - sched_rr_get_interval - still looking for the TimeSpec data
type in order to get "peek"  working

3) Files.hsc

           Added bindings for:

                 - fsync

                 - fdatasync

I am new to Haskell but would like to make a lot of contributions to insure
Haskell success in the marketplace (of ideas ;^)).  I apologize for any
glitches and look for feedback.

Kind regards, Vasili
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