[Haskell-cafe] runInteractiveProcess and hGetLine on Windows

Donn Cave donn at avvanta.com
Wed May 7 12:12:42 EDT 2008

On May 7, 2008, at 8:46 AM, David Roundy wrote:

> On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 08:33:23AM -0700, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
>> David Roundy wrote:
>>> This is the correct behavior (although it's debatable whether  
>>> kpsewhich
>>> should be outputting in text mode).
>> I think it would be more accurate to say that  
>> runInteractiveProcess has
>> an inadequate API, since you can't indicate whether the  
>> interaction with
>> the other process should happen in text or binary mode.
> I don't see any reason to support text mode.

Doesn't hGetLine imply text mode?  What does "Line" mean, otherwise?

	Donn Cave, donn at avvanta.com

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