[Haskell-cafe] Parsec on TeX

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Mon May 5 04:11:46 EDT 2008

Ross Boylan wrote:
> First, I'm really impressed with the fast and helpful responses from
> several people!

Ask an easy question and you'll get at least a dozen people tripping 
over each other in their rush to offer you useful advice. Ask a hard 
question, or an uninteresting question, and enjoy the utter silence... 
:-( Still, I suppose that's not *too* surprising.

> I had thought HUGS made more sense for fiddling around, but it seems all
> I'm doing is loading files anyway.  What is the style people use for
> this exploratory work?  I've already installed haskell-mode for emacs
> and ghc6, but it's not clear to me to what extent the former servers as
> a development environment rather than just a language formatter.

I used to use Hugs as well. Then I updated to the newest version, and 
found it horrifically buggy. That's when I moved over to GHC. As Don 
said, GHCi doesn't let you define new functions like Hugs does, but 
other than that it's far more useful. (And actually, you *can* define 
small functions using 'let'. It's just awkward.) Best thing is, you can 
compile your code with GHC, and then load that compiled code into GHCi 
so it runs at near-native speed. And of course, the latest version of 
GHCi now comes with an actual debugger. And GHC-compiled binaries have a 
profiler. And...

[This was a while ago; maybe Hugs has been updated again since I last 
looked. Certainly Hugs is smaller to download, and more friendly to use 
than GHC. But it just doesn't have the same power...]

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