[Haskell-cafe] really difficult for a beginner like me...

Luke Palmer lrpalmer at gmail.com
Sun May 4 08:53:24 EDT 2008

2008/5/4 Ivan Amarquaye <amarquaye.ivan at hotmail.com>:
>  Hi everyone,
>  this is my first posting on here and this was what drove me here and the
> quest to know more as i anticipate a lot of help and direction in this quite
> new and different environment haskell.I have this paper that i'm working on
> and need to solve these scenarios/ cases based on some sample codes:

You might receive better help if you asked smaller, more specific
questions.  This looks like homework, and even if it's not, we are a
homework-friendly crowd, meaning: nobody is going to write code for
you.  We will answer questions in words, point you to useful library
functions, give you feedback on approaches you outline to us, etc.

So break up the problem.  Try no. 1 by yourself, and if you can't do
it, then describe what you tried and how it didn't work.  Giving an
outline of how you think you should approach the problem from a purely
functional perspective will help, so we can help you modify and
correct that idea.  The more thought you put in by yourself before
asking us, the more you will get out of our responses.

But be much more specific.  I cannot answer a question this large.


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