[Haskell-cafe] HDBC, character encoding

Peter Gammie peteg42 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 23:26:40 EDT 2008

On 31/03/2008, at 11:42 PM, Bjorn Bringert wrote:

> 2008/3/26 Adrian Neumann <aneumann at inf.fu-berlin.de>:
>> Hi,
>> I wrote a CGI program to access a Postgres database using HDBC. [...]
> I think that Peter Gammie (copied) has some code to deal with this.

I added some stuff to HSQL (not HDBC) and HaskellDB so that UTF8 can  
be used to talk to the database. It's not very pretty though, so I  
haven't tried to get it merged.


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