[Haskell-cafe] Web server libraries

Sterling Clover s.clover at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 11:52:29 EDT 2008

Yipe. It's just been pointed out to me that the hvac repo was missing a key
file. I just committed it and tried a fresh pull and build, and it seems to
work properly now. Apologies to all who couldn't get it working.


On Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Sterling Clover wrote:

> While hvac, which I announced here recently, is not yet ready for
> primetime, so to speak, you may want to take a look at it -- with a
> few tweaks it should match your specs. (darcs get http://
> community.haskell.org/~sclv/hvac/<http://community.haskell.org/%7Esclv/hvac/>

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