[Haskell-cafe] Wumpus World

Paul Johnson paul at cogito.org.uk
Wed Mar 26 18:37:09 EDT 2008

iliali16 wrote:
> Hi guys I have to build the wumpus world problem. I didn't start yet since
> this is the first time in my life I have to do something like that and I
> feel not confident in starting it. So I have basic idea of what prolog and
> haskell can do and I know a bit of Java. I am wandering if you can tell me
> which one is best to use to build this problem.Thanks couse I am really
> confused
This sounds like a homework problem.  Any of those languages will do.  
Of course Haskell will be shorter.

Jump in, get started.  The way to solve a problem you don't understand 
is to do any bit of it you do understand, and then look at the problem 


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