[Haskell-cafe] Problem with OpenAL

George Giorgidze ggg at cs.nott.ac.uk
Fri Mar 21 15:33:17 EDT 2008

I tried OpenAL binding (the one which is on the Hackage), but with no luck.

I can not hear anything from speakers and also according to generated output
on console it seems that "AL.play" never completes playback of a buffer as
buffer remains registered as "unprocessed" in OpenAL context.
Here is the piece of code. I am not getting any error messages from OpenAL
library functions.

playOpenAL :: Int -> IO ()
playOpenAL sr  = do
  mDevice <- AL.openDevice Nothing
  when (isNothing mDevice) $ error "opening OpenAL device"
  let device = fromJust mDevice

  mContext <- AL.createContext device [
      AL.Frequency (fromIntegral sr)
    , AL.Refresh (fromIntegral sr)
  when (isNothing mContext) $ error "creating OpenAL context"
  let context = fromJust mContext
  AL.currentContext AL.$= (Just context)

  let sampleNumber = 256
      bufSize = sampleNumber * (sizeOf (undefined :: CShort))
  buf2 <- mallocBytes bufSize

-- here I am filling buf2 with noise ....

  [source] <- AL.genObjectNames 1
  [buffer] <- AL.genObjectNames 1

  let region = AL.MemoryRegion buf2 (fromIntegral bufSize)
  AL.bufferData buffer AL.$= (AL.BufferData region AL.Mono16 (fromIntegral

  AL.queueBuffers source [buffer]
  AL.loopingMode source AL.$= AL.OneShot

  let waitForSource = do
        putStrLn "waiting"
        s <- AL.get (AL.buffersProcessed source)
        putStrLn $ show s
        s <- AL.get (AL.buffersQueued source)
        putStrLn $ show s
        state <- AL.get (AL.sourceState source)
        case state of
          AL.Playing -> do
            threadDelay 1024
          _ -> return ()

  putStrLn "Start Playing ... "
  AL.play [source]

  AL.currentContext AL.$= Nothing
  AL.destroyContext context
  b <- AL.closeDevice device
  when (not b) $ error "closing device"

Is this library still maintained?

Best, George
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