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oops ... my bad ... it was at Standford's CS dept on Feb 29 at 1:30:

This presentation describes a variety of ways to write parallel and
concurrent programs in the lazy functional language Haskell. We start off by
introducing par/pseq annotations which provide guidance to the run-time
about how work can be performed speculatively which provides a basic
mechanism for writing implicitly parallel programs. We then describe how a
library of strategies can be used to force specific evaluation orders which
are necessary to exploit parallelism. We then go on to describe the basic
mechanism for writing explicitly parallel programs using Haskell's
lightweight threads and then we describe how Haskell's STM implementation
can help to write programs that share state between threads through the use
of a special monads and as an example we describe the implementation of a
multi-way rendezvous library. We then describe some work with Tim Harris on
feedback directed implicit parallelism which provides yet another way to
write implicitly parallel programs with out resorting to par/pseq
annotations. Finally, we report on the progress of a nested data parallel
library for Haskell inspired by the NESL language. Throughout the talk we
shall emphasizes how Haskell's pure nature (with side
effecting operations clearly indicated by the type system) facilitates the
exploitation of parallelism.

It would be great to get more than the above!



On 3/18/08, Adam Langley <agl at imperialviolet.org> wrote:
> 2008/3/18 Galchin Vasili <vigalchin at gmail.com>:
> >     Recently Satnam Singh of Microsoft Research gave a talk at Google
> about
> > concurrency, Haskell STM, etc. Was there a transcript of this talk?
> Do you have the exact date of this talk? I can't see that anyone
> called Satnam has given a talk at Google.
> (It might have been very informal, in which case there wouldn't be a
> record of it, and nor would there be a video)
> Cheers,
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