[Haskell-cafe] NW Functional Programming Interest Group

Greg Meredith lgreg.meredith at biosimilarity.com
Tue Mar 18 15:59:05 EDT 2008


Apologies for multiple listings.

A small cadre of us are organizing a Northwest Functional Programming
Interest Group (hey... NWFPIG, that's kinda funny). Our next
meeting is at the

The Seattle Public Library
1000 - 4th Ave.
Seattle, WA  98104

from 18:30 - 20:00 on March 19th.

On this meeting's agenda

   - i'll give a highly idiosyncratic talk about the Curry-Howard
   - followed an informal discussion section

Hope to see you there.

Monadically yours,


L.G. Meredith
Managing Partner
Biosimilarity LLC
806 55th St NE
Seattle, WA 98105

+1 206.650.3740

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