[Haskell-cafe] FFI newbie question

Verma Anurag-VNF673 Anurag.Verma at motorola.com
Fri Mar 14 09:54:11 EDT 2008

I am trying to figure out how to pass array of String (char **) from C
to Haskell?  I have read the FFI examples, but most of them are centered
on calling C from Haskell. I have read in the mailing list, it is rare
to call Haskell from C, but my requirement is such that I am going to
write Haskell library that needs to be called from C. 



Also, I read that the linking in FFI needs to be done through ghc.
However, I have an existing Make system that uses gcc to do the linking,
so what extra steps I need to do make gcc do the linking instead?




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