[Haskell-cafe] Problem making a program in ghc

Maverick maverick_as_2000 at yahoo.es
Thu Mar 13 08:56:21 EDT 2008

Hi, I have a problem when I am trying to use a binary file generated by ghc make in Windows.
Ihave writed an application that parses xml files and returns a result(using HaXml), this is published as a service, I implemented a server(withSocketsDo), the server listen the port 5760 in a forever fashion,when a message arrives, then the program creates a new thread (forkIO)for attend the request. This works fine when I run it from ghci, when I make the program and run the binary (in Windows), the requests arrive to the program but I think that the response can´t be sentbecause the front end can´t receive the response (I am calling theservice from a .Net web application), I have a log that confirms that the response arrives correctly.

  I use make like this:
  ghc --make -package HaXml Main.hs HermesService.hs .....
  What could be the problem?

  I am using HaXml 1.13.2 with Ghc 6.6.1, thanks in advance.
  Alvaro Sejas
  Cochabamba - Bolivia

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