[Haskell-cafe] Exception handling when using STUArray

Donn Cave donn at avvanta.com
Wed Mar 12 16:04:11 EDT 2008

On Mar 12, 2008, at 12:32 PM, Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:

> On Mar 12, 2008, at 14:17 , Donn Cave wrote:
>> Sure.  It isn't a lot of code, so I subjected it to Either-ization
>> as an experiment, and I did indeed take the monad procedural route.
> Monad != procedural, unless you insist on do notation.  Think of it  
> as composition (it may be easier to use (=<<) which "points the  
> same direction" as (.)).

Yes, I insist on do notation, because it provides a convenient
binding form that works with what I'm doing - the original functional
variation wasn't so suited to composition either, and used `let'.

But I see that as only syntactic - equally procedural, either way.
Expressions are evaluated in a fixed order, so seems inherently
procedural to me and `do' is only a notational convenience.

	Donn Cave, donn at avvanta.com

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