[Haskell-cafe] [GSoC] A data parallel physics engine

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 07:48:13 EDT 2008


> I'm looking for interesting project to work on during Google Summer of
>  Code. So I found [1]"A data parallel physics engine" ticket and got
>  excited about it. I'd like to know interested mentors and community
>  opinion about the complexity of such project.

I don't think there are a great deal of Haskell users who _really_
need a physics engine right now. However, there seem to be a massive
number who are working with matrices. I am informed that a lot of
physics is just matrix stuff underneath (but don't know anything

Perhaps a nice direction to take this project would be to build an NDP
matrix library first, then use that library to build a physics engine
on top of it. A physics engine would certainly be very cool, and a
parallel matrix library would certainly be very much in demand.



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