[Haskell-cafe] Re: Re: Reflective capabilities of Haskell (cont'd)

Martin Hofmann martin.hofmann at uni-bamberg.de
Wed Mar 12 05:04:50 EDT 2008

>   Data.Typeable gives you most of what you want except for access to
> function bodies.

Thanks a lot, this helps a bit, but access to function bodies is exactly
what I need. Or being more precise, I need the functionality of ghci's
command ':t'. So functions that behave as follows, where everything is
of course meta-represented in some way as ADT:

	Prelude Data.Typeable> typeOf  (\a -> (Just (a:"")))
	(\a -> (Just (a:""))) :: Char -> Maybe [Char]

	Prelude Data.Typeable> getDomain $ typeOf (\a -> (Just (a:"")))

	Prelude Data.Typeable>getCodomain $ typeOf (\a -> (Just (a:"")))
	(Maybe [Char])

	Prelude Data.Typeable>getTypeConstructors (Maybe [Char])
	[ (Just) :: [Char] -> Maybe [Char]
	, (Nothing) :: Maybe [Char]

	Prelude Data.Typeable>getTypeConstructors [Char]
	[ (:) :: Char -> [Char] -> [Char]
	, ([]) :: [Char]
I am much obliged for any kind of hint.



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