[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Emping 0.4

Hans van Thiel hthiel.char at zonnet.nl
Fri Mar 7 06:31:12 EST 2008

Hello All,

Emping 0.4, a utility which can derive heuristic rules from facts in
Open Office Calc spreadsheet .csv format, has been released on
Version 0.4 supports blank fields, treated as 'none of the others',
which allows for split attribute values. For example, "Owns Car" could
have values "Yes" or 'No", and then "Yes" could be split into "Make",
"Price Range" and so on, while the fields for "No" could be blank for
these attributes. Data still have to be in the spreadsheet format of
rows and columns (and in OO Calc .csv).
Version 0.4 has a Gtk2Hs based GUI and the code has been changed in
several places. Compiled with GHC 6.8 it appears to be noticeably faster
than version 0.3.
The package comes with a user guide, a white paper, and two data files
from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. To get an impression see:
The compiled binary for Linux, with documentation, can also be
downloaded directly from my web site.

Thank you,

Hans van Thiel

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