[Haskell-cafe] Job opening: Use Haskell to save the environment!

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Wed Mar 5 07:48:36 EST 2008

Well - maybe¹.  

I'm not sure how relevant this is for this list, but I thought I should
mention that there is an open position for a 3-year Ph.D. scolarship
at IMR where I work.  The work is in bioinformatics, and as I'm 
a happy Haskell user, I'd be happy to see qualified applicants who
know Haskell as well.

If you are interested, and posess a Master's degree (or equivalent
education), a rough translation of the announcement is attached - the
official one (in Norwegian) can be found at:

Please contact me with any questions!


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There is an open research fellow position (Ph.D. scholarship) at the
Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway.  The position is for
three years, and it is part of the project "Salmon louse genome
sequencing and functional studies on host parasite interactions",
financed by the Norwegian Research Council's program for functional
genomics, FUGE. 

The sea louse is an important ecological and economic problem for the
fish farming industry, and the goal of the project is to investigate
parasite-host interactions, ultimately leading to a vaccine against
the sea louse.  

The research fellow will contribute to annotation and other analysis of
sequence data, establishing improved models for errors, and
development of new methods and software tools for computational
analysis.  New sequencing technologies are likely to be central.

We are looking for a motivated candidate with a relevant master's
degree or equivalent education, and a solid background in one of the
following topics:

 * algorithm development and analysis
 * statistics
 * bioinformatics
 * molecular biology

Place of work will be Bergen, the salary follows national regulations
and starts out at NOK 325000 (i.e., approximately €40000)/year.

Contact Ketil Malde (ketil.malde at imr.no, +47 55238647) for further
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¹) The target of the project is the sea louse, which is a large
ecological and economical problem.
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