[Haskell-cafe] Markup bug in HaskellWiki

Dougal Stanton dougal at dougalstanton.net
Tue Mar 4 10:10:19 EST 2008

On 04/03/2008, Henning Thielemann <lemming at henning-thielemann.de> wrote:
>  In the Wiki article
>    http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Comparison_chain
>   there is the piece
>    unzip">unzip
>   which is improperly formatted.

I guess the wiki uses GeSHi, and it's because of a bug in the keyword
list. I reported it to the maintainer a few weeks ago (when I wrote
this [1]) but I haven't heard any word back. It's dead easy to fix if
someone has access to the PHP source.

There's a file called, IIRC, haskell.php with a large list of
keywords. Two of them, 'unzip' and 'unzip3' appear twice. Delete one
of each and it all works fine again.

[1] <http://www.dougalstanton.net/blog/index.php/2008/02/12/spot-the-deliberate-mistake>

Dougal Stanton
dougal at dougalstanton.net // http://www.dougalstanton.net

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