[Haskell-cafe] CABAL: conditional executable?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Tue Mar 4 03:10:04 EST 2008

I'm putting together a package consisting of 2 executables. Only one of
them is pure Haskell and thus buildable on all platforms, the other
relies on Windows API calls and can only be built on that platform.  I
found the “if os(...)” conditional in the CABAL docs but I'm having
problems getting it to do what I want.

if os(mingw32)
  executable foo

Results in the error “Section expected”.  Swapping the two lines like this

executable foo
  if os(mingw32)

results in “Setup.hs: Error: No 'Main-Is' field found for executable foo”.

Is there a way to get CABAL to do what I want or should I raise a
feature request on the CABAL trac?


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