[Haskell-cafe] Stupid question about Cabal file

Fernand quarantedeux42 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 26 09:50:35 EDT 2008

I had a look at the Distribution.Make import, which may be the answer.
Thank you for pointing the GHC documentation : I found a way to have the 
build process work, but after having patched my local package.conf file 
by hand, and installed manually the interfaces files accordingly. I now 
just need to understand how to obtain the same result using make, I think.

Haskelly yours,


Daniel Fischer пишет:
> If it's a complicated build, you should certainly take a close look at the 
> Cabal user guide, because then you will probably need more than 
> main = defaultMain
> in your Setup.hs. On the other hand, the GHC user's guide should also contain 
> some sections on building and registering packages.
> The Cabal / Setup way is intended to be the simplest and standard way to build 
> packages, but it's not the only one and won't be for a long time.
> Cheers,
> Daniel

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