[Haskell-cafe] sdl-mixer loading issue

Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva marcot at riseup.net
Tue Jun 24 16:13:47 EDT 2008

Em Ter, 2008-06-24 às 14:57 -0500, Norbert Wojtowicz escreveu:
> Prelude> import Graphics.UI.SDL.Mixer.Music
> Prelude Graphics.UI.SDL.Mixer.Music> loadMUS "test.wav"
> Loading package SDL-0.5.4 ... linking ... done.
> Loading package SDL-mixer-0.5.2 ... linking ... <interactive>:
> /home/norbert/bin/lib/SDL-mixer-0.5.2/ghc-6.8.2/HSSDL-mixer-0.5.2.o:
> unknown symbol `Mix_LoadWAV'
> ghc-6.8.2: unable to load package `SDL-mixer-0.5.2'


SDL-mixer does not support the most recent SDL version.  The problem is
that in SDL now Mix_LoadWAV is a macro.

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